Zampogna romana (f)

(with) definite article: la
(the) Roman bagpipe

Bladder pipe with single chanter, no drone / reed type?

Identical types: 4

Term used as a caption in a historic [19th century?] print of (yet) unknown origin; The depicted instrument resembles a bladder pipe, rather than a bagpipe.

The rather primitive and unreliable illustration shows a decorated bag [bladder?] with a blowpipe and a very short single chanter with a bell, but without fingerholes; Moreover, the blowpipe seems to be provided with a single reed.


Utriculus 3;3 (11), luglio-settembre 1994, Miscellanea zampognara, p.29: "Antica stampa con rarissima immagine..." (unidentified print [with captions]).

Utriculus IV;1 (13), gennaio/marzo 1995, Lettere a Utriculus, p.39.


Circolo della Zampogna (Zampogna romana [ill.])
Alamy (Tabella d'epoca... [without captions; NB: ➺ top left, below a Musette de cour]).