Siesieńki (f [?]) (plurale tantum)

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Bladder pipe with single chanter, no drone / single reed: down-cut

Identical types: 2

From "siersienia" [hornet (in local dialect)]; Wielkopolska [Greater Poland]; There are 3 types: [a]: with a blowpipe (with mouthpiece and valve) and a stock for the chanter inserted in the bladder; [b]: with a wooden tube inside the bladder [!]; This tube is provided with 3 holes (one - with a non-return inlet valve - in its upper flank, the other in its lower flank), and 2 mortises; Through punctures in the bladder the blowpipe is inserted in the upper mortise, the chanter stock in the other one; [c]: with 2 bladders (➺ Types [below]); NB¹: The genitive form is Siesieniek; NB²: The terminology in Sobieska’s description is identical to that of the Dudy wielkopolskie.

Usually made of a cow’s bladder; Single reed.


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