Diplice (f) (plurale tantum)

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triple chanter, 1 piece (chanter, semidrone and drone): cylindrical, parallel, 1 bell / single reeds (NB: type 2)

No identical types known (yet).

From Greek διπλός (dhyplos [double]); Chanter (type 2) of exceptional construction; The terminology of the (bellows-blown) instrument, and the shape of its other parts, are identical to those of the ones with a "common" triple-chanter (➺ type 1); Chanters of this particular type (which is played with the right hand on top) are said to require somebody who plays "na pajtak" [transl.?]; Bilogora mountain region; Kapela; NB¹: ➺ Jozo Čižmeković; NB²: ➺ homonyms.

Cane chanter and semidrone tubes inserted in the 2 frontmost bores of a circular wooden block (which has a tenon for insertion into the chanter stock); The rear centre bore holds a short and high-pitched drone, that has no cane extension tube; The construction is very unlike that of the usual assembled chanters, but from the description it seems to bear a distant resemblance with that of the Italian Scupina (molisana).

Dipla, Diple, Dudice


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