Fiuda bagadia in fa minore (f)

(with) definite article: sa
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Identical types: 29

A rather confusing term, in which the word "minore" must be interpreted as "small"; It is used for an instrument in F major with a drone of half the normal length [i.e. "Tumbu minore"; ws], made by Efisio Melis; Bakx mentions it as one of 8 obsolete or rarely used types (the other 7 being the Fiorassiu argentinu, Fiuda allirga, Mediana in re maggiore, Mesu puntu, Morisku, Punt’’e Kirias, and Tertsu puntu), stating that some (though failing to specify which) of these are, as he calls them, "fake" kuntsertus; NB: ➺ similar terms.

Tumbu: f [?].


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