Launeddas (Launeḍḍas) (gender unknown) (plurale tantum)

(with) definite article: is [also sas]
(the) ?; ➺ remark(s) below


No identical types known (yet).

Possibly a corrupted diminutive of Aulos; Triple-clarinet, unique descendant of the double-clarinets of antiquity; In Baines and Van der Meer (both of whom fail to reveal their source), spelt "Launedda" (which, according to Antonio Ballero, is a term for "a cane reed with a tongue cut in it"); This misinterpretation has already been made by Mahillon (➺ vol.3, p.487: Launedda (Conzertu = Jeu de)) and others; In his preface to Luigi Lai’s »Metodo...«, Fernando Pilia refers to "aree regionali"; In the English version, however, this is oddly changed into "Launedda areas"; The name of the person responsible for this unnecessarily erroneous translation remains a secret.
NB¹: Spelling Launeḍḍas scientific [?]; NB²: ➺ Introduction to Launeddas.

Made of cane; All holes are cut rectangularly.

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