Mixed fingering

·? (performance: mixed fingering [Term not mentioned in available sources]); Gemischte Griffweise; ·? (performance: mixed fingering [Term not mentioned in available sources]).

Identical types: 4

A combination of open and closed fingering, quite common in the playing techniques of the Gajda of the Balkans, in which the open system is used in both hands. When the fingers of the lower hand are inactive, however, they are not lifted, but remain resting on their respective holes, which thus will stay closed until the melody requires otherwise.

In order to suggest staccato playing, a melody is interlaced with a specific low note (usually the "drowning" dominant), which is produced by briefly closing all necessary fingerholes; NB: The closed lower fingerholes of Balkan Gajda types don't influence the pitch of the tones played by the upper hand, which renders it very "comfortable" to close all fingerholes at any moment...