Atanasovski, Petre Vasilev

nickname(s): "Pece"
original: Атанасовски, Петре ("Пеце") Василев

piper (&c.) mentioned by name

Born in Dolneni (district Prilep); An internationally renowned 20th century protagonist of the Macedonian gajda, "Pece" led his own ensemble; For many years he was also a member of the Radio Skopje orchestra of folk instruments; Worldwide he was also very popular as a great teacher of traditional Macedonian dances; In the Netherlands there were rumours that his untimely death was caused by a road accident during one of his tours through the USA, but he appears to have actually passed away from a heart attack; NB¹: Džimrevski lists 516 pipers (incl. 2 women), whose names are registered (since 1950) in the archives of the Macedonian Folklore Institute "Marko Cepenkov", Skopje; 239 of them are listed with their year of birth; The earliest of those was born in 1875, the most recent in 1983; In the photo sections we can find 4 additional names, making a total of 520; In 2005 several pipers, some of them fairly young, were still active; NB²: ➺ the annual "Pece Atanasovski festival", held at Dolneni [NNW of Prilep].

Instrument: Gajda


Џимревски, Боривоје [Džimrevski, Borivoje]: Гајдата во Македонија: инструмент - инструменталист - музика ([The bagpipe in Macedonia]). Скопје [Skopje], 1996, p.321, 348* [➺ 320-333].

Samson, Jim: Music in the Balkans. Leiden & Boston, 2013.

♫ Jugoton LPY-V-780 (Bitola, babam Bitola), A4.