Gajdy (f) (plurale tantum)

Bagpipe (mouth- or bellows-blown?): 1 stock (single chanter) / no drones

No identical types known (yet).

This archaic form of Gajdy with a melody pipe only, is mentioned by J. Płaskonka (*1900), in an interview of 8 August 1954 in Ujsoły [S of Żywiec] with Józef Mikś; According to Katarzyna & Maciej Szymonowiczowie, the literal record reads as follows: "Not all Gajdy were with a drone, a so-called huk. Formerly, some were without any Zadni róg l"
[NB¹: Unfortunately this extremely brief summary lacks essential organological information, i.e.: On the basis of its type (a Gajdy), we could assume that the concerning instrument had a Dymlok [bellows], but the statement that it was "an entirely primitive form" could imply that it was mouth-blown, instead; ws]; NB²: ➺ homonyms and similar terms (incl. Gaida and Gaita).


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